It was ignored by all except a small but loyal fan base for


30 Июл 2014

‘Magical year’ for Argos

cheap retro jordans online Toronto Argonauts: Grey Cup cheap air force champions? cheap retro jordans online

It was to laugh.

cheap jordans retro 11 Perhaps not out loud, but when this team gathered for training camp, it didn have a whole lot going for it outside of maybe auditioning for America Funniest Videos. It was all supposed to be about the Tiger Cats this 100th Grey Cup year. Or, perhaps, an encore by the Lions. cheap jordans retro 11

But the Argos? They were the CFL version of the Keystone Kops.

cheap jordan trainers uk They had a rookie cheap jordans in china head coach, a pilfered defensive coordinator, a one legged kicker headed for hip surgery and a No. 1 tailback who wouldn last past mid season. There was an offensive line that had all the cohesion of the United Nations. It had cheap jordan sneakers more leaks than a New Orleans dam. cheap jordan trainers uk

Speaking of leaks, people wondered if there might be a few in general manager Jim Barker head, too, when he pronounced none of this would be a problem.

cheap good jordans They did finally have a proven quarterback in Ricky Ray. But he, too, was new. He had to learn a new system. Also new were his receivers. Well, except for Jason Barnes, who also came over from Edmonton. They just played like they were strangers the first three quarters of the year. cheap good jordans

buy cheap jordan shoes online So, yeah. Like this was gonna work: The Grey Cup, solve world hunger and have all the little children in the world sing. buy cheap jordan shoes online

Well, they got the Cup and people Sunday were singing. so, two out of three ain bad!

But there is cheap yeezys no doubt that getting to Tuesday parade had its unrefined and cheap air force prickly moments.

cheap jordans size 9 womens One week, Ahmad Carroll was the player of the week. Two weeks in a row he had interceptions. Key ones. The next week he was cheap jordans on sale benched. Williams. Carroll has a motor that never stops and his lips move as fast as his feet. It drives opponents crazy and Carroll penchant for inopportune penalties wasn doing much for defensive coordinator Chris Jones either except make him crazy. cheap jordans size 9 womens

So Carroll sat. Williams played. But not well enough. By season end, Carroll was back. and the penalties at least the undisciplined ones ceased. Through three playoff games, he was the superb cover corner that at one time made him a first round pick with Green Bay.

cheap jordans 35 dollars on this team, you ask them, somewhere they had to overcome something to get to this point. We a family, we cheap jordans online just came together, stuck together and just played great football, said Ray. cheap jordans 35 dollars

cheap jordans 12 retro This was not a team born a champion. cheap jordans 12 retro

cheap jordans 7 for sale It is a rag tag assembly of lovable wannabes, a legion of unknowns, a sprinkling of has beens and a shipload of dreamers. It was a team built, torn apart, reassembled, twisted, and mutilated. Moulded. It was ignored by all except a small but loyal fan base for the first 18 weeks of the season. Instead of cheers, it played to echoes at Rogers Centre. It played to doubters in the media and there wasn much media that bothered to show, even to doubt, on most weeks. cheap jordans 7 for sale

cheap kids jordans Most days cheap jordans china there were perhaps one or two reporters, in a city with cheap air jordan dozens, who ventured to the wilds of the Erindale training grounds. cheap kids jordans

cheap jordans xx9 Forgotten men on a forgotten team. cheap jordans xx9

cheap air jordans 6 But through long nights in video rooms, through early morning strategy meetings, through two a days at training camp, through long, hot cheap jordans sale summer practices, somehow Milanovich, Jones and general manager Jim Barker made it work. Made the irrelevant once again relevant. cheap air jordans 6

cheap jordans mens shoes There was Robert McCune, the sublime linebacker, with six tackles Sunday against the team that had released him. There was Carroll, plucked from the Arena League Arizona Rattlers refusal to report list, limiting Calgary Nik Lewis and shutting down Larry Taylor. cheap jordans mens shoes

Several Argonauts cheap jordans free shipping never had won a cheap nike shoes championship. Ever.

Ron Flemons stood quietly. time, said cheap jordans for sale the big lineman, happily watching teammates celebrate on the Rogers Centre podium, surrounded by his kids and wife Jessica.

cheap jordans 3 was a little nervous, I think. But it hard to tell, she said. cheap jordans 3

cheap jordans wholesale free shipping Flemons pointed at the flashing lights, the air Cheap jordans filled with cheers and fireworks and smoke. cheap jordans wholesale free shipping

I told you in November or October that we weren worried? he said, flashing a huge grin. maybe a little worried. But we stayed the course. the end zone, Marcus Ball was making snow angels as blue and white confetti fluttered around him. Three colleges. High school. And, last year, no team in football wanted him. But now, finally, a champion. always wondered what this moment would feel like, he said.

Now he knows.

Cornerback Patrick Watkins, a former Dallas Cowboy, was out of football last year, but became an East all cheap jordans shoes star. Injured in the East semifinal, instead of what might have been a devastating loss, Jalil Carter, who hadn played a down since Week 4 and wasn even on the cheap Air max shoes roster anymore, came back and performed flawlessly.

Slowly, inextricably, it felt as if fate had decided to don Double Blue.

cheap nike air jordan shoes Defensive back Pacino Horne was out of football for two years. Sunday, his key 25 yard TD interception staked Toronto to an 18 point halftime cheap jordans from china advantage. Milanovich called it the turning point cheap nike air jordan shoes.

When exiting the restroom I heard my friend scream


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We got there a bit early and waited for about 10 or so minutes before I decided to go use the restroom on the other side of the resting area. When exiting the restroom I heard my friend scream. I quickly but quietly walked around the corner to see my friend being held by some larger man.

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The fusion of Hollywood and high fashion, obviously, isn’t new. It’s long been known that shrewd actresses, if they play their sartorial cards right, can end up with multi-million dollar fashion endorsements and—something that’s become increasingly important in recent years—land at the top of every best-dressed list from Vanity Fair to “Fashion Police.” However, it seems that now, fashion-savvy stars like Cate Blanchett are getting some serious competition from a new group of actresses who aren’t nearly as famous, and who are young enough to be her daughter.Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman, Zoey Deutch, Victoria Justice, Willow Shields, Sami Gayle. It’s a safe bet that these names aren’t nearly as recognizable to most Americans over the age of 25 as, say, Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, or Rihanna, but to the fashion industry, they’re just as important. What’s especially interesting about these girls is the fact that they’re not quite as cerebral-seeming as the teenage actresses fashion has courted in the past (Elle Fanning, Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Moretz) but rather star in kid-friendly TV shows on networks like Disney and Nickelodeon, or big-screen YA fare.In recent months, this group of actresses has filled the front row at New York Fashion Week, and have walked red carpets wearing big-time labels like Valentino and Dior—all important aspects of being a young starlet in today’s world; a world where a Vogue cover is within reason for anyone famous, and a world where positive red carpet commentary is just as influential as a good movie review.“When teen stars are interviewed, the media now asks them ‘what fashion brands do you like’? ‘Chanel, Dior, and Fendi’ are much more quotable answers than ‘Roxy and Delia’s,’” said Kristi McCormick, the founder of Matchbook Company, a casting agency for magazines and advertisers.And while it might seem discordant for high-fashion labels to pay attention to Disney stars, it’s key to remember that most have rabid young fan-bases who are extremely active on social media, which—to labels—can mean gold.“Social media numbers are driving fashion brands to [pay attention] to TV stars on Disney and Nickelodeon. Imagine introducing your brand to up to 10 million 12-year olds in one tweet?” said McCormick.To wit , Bella Thorne—the stylish 16-year-old star of Disney’s “Shake it Up”—currently has 5.2 million Twitter followers, leaving other more mature fashion-minded actresses in the dust (Marion Cotillard has a mere 5,650 followers and has only tweeted 11 times, while stars like Blanchett, Elle Fanning, and Tilda Swinton aren’t on the social media site at all.)Bella Thorne in Katie Ermilo, Valentino, and Blumarine. (Getty)It’s definitely worth a brand’s while to try to capture the attention of these starlets, given the staggering purchasing power of today’s teenagers. According to a report published in 2012 by CQ Press, teenage American consumers spent $159 billion in 2011, and—according to experts—these numbers are only getting larger, with a greater emphasis on apparel. A 2013 Piper Jaffray market survey found that fashion makes up 40% of a teen’s budget, and that most exhibit deep brand loyalty, so it makes sense that labels would want to reach this important group early.In all likelihood, Miu Miu was thrilled in 2012, when Thorne gushed about the label’s shoes to Teen Vogue. “I love Miu Miu shoes — they’re fabulous, I have so many pairs,” she said. For the uninitiated, Miu Miu shoes cost around $600 per pair.Zoey Deutch—a 19-year-old virtual newcomer who was cast in last year’s boarding school bloodsucking flick “Vampire Academy” stunned on recent red carpets this year, showing up to events in Dior—a huge feat for a teenager with a thin resume—and worked fashion week like a pro, hitting up edgy shows like Cushnie et Ochs.Zoey Deutch in Sandro, Dior, and Cushnie et Ochs. (Getty)Deutsch also seems to understand the “look,” appearing more like a serious fashion “it” girl than a typical Hollywood starlet. In fact best hermes replicas , it could be argued that a label like Dior might be keeping a close eye on her. It doesn’t seem terribly far-fetched that Deutch could land a “Hunger Games” type role in the future, putting her in line with someone like Jennifer Lawrence—who became a face of Dior after being cast in the young adult franchise.“Fashion brands want to build relationships early with teen actresses, so as they grow in their careers, they will continue to work with the same fashion designers. As the brands start to dress a rising star, it’s almost immediate that endorsements follow,” said McCormick.Zendaya Coleman, the bubbly 17-year-old singer, star of Disney’s “Shake it Up” and former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant is another one who managed to go from kid-friendly personality to rising fashion fixture in a short period of time, often putting a youthful spin on high-end pieces from Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, and Chanel.Her biggest coup, however, came in March, when she filled in for Giuliana Rancic as the host of E!’s “Fashion Police,” and held her own remarkably well alongside fashion vets Joan Rivers and stylist George Kotsiopoulos.Zendaya Coleman in an Oscar de la Renta top and Chanel shoes; Nicci Hou; and DKNY (Getty)Being known as a serious fashion star has its benefits—designers clamoring to dress you, potential endorsements, and the simple win of being labeled “best-dressed”—but can it have an impact on these young women’s acting careers?“Once a young actress starts appearing in couture and designer labels, the Hollywood community will think of the actress for more serious and sophisticated roles outside the world of Nickelodeon or Disney,” McCormick said.If the past in any indication, teen stars who are bound to children’s networks and YA projects need to use every tool in their arsenal to have a career after their contracts end. Unlike Miley Cyrus—a Disney darling who caught Marc Jacobs‘ eye after she completely overhauled her wholesome image—it appears this new breed of teen stars are gravitating toward high-fashion early in the hopes that it will help with that transition, a plan that—judging by the way the industry is recipocating—might just work.


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Why a New Breed of Teen Stars are Important to the Fashion Industry

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29 Июл 2014

Is there a possibility of prenancy in this case

cheap jordan 11 shoes Had unprotected sex on 5th September just after the periods ended. I had my birth control pills the next day morning within 24 hrs. Later had unprotected sex again for 3 days (27th to 29th September) just 2 days before my period date which is 2nd October. There wasn’t any insertion but lot of fluid of my partner near my vagina. I had one I pill again within 72 hours on 30th cheap air force Oct. Now it has been since then till now I didn’t get my periods. It is 17th October today I did a urine pregnancy test cheap yeezys which came out to be 2 bands of pink line one with a light pink on left cheap jordans from china side cheap jordans shoes and dark pink on right cheap nike shoes side. Which means to take the test again after 2 or 3 days. Is there any cheap jordans on sale possibility that I can be pregnant? After how many days should Cheap jordans I take the next test? cheap jordan 11 shoes

cheap jordans nikes wholesale falguni25 View cheap jordans for sale Public Profile Send a private message to falguni25 Find latest posts by falguni25 cheap jordans nikes wholesale

cheap jordan trainers There was no insertion so there was no unprotected sex, physiologically speaking. With that said, if there were fluids that close to the vaginal opening, pregnancy is a possibility. cheap jordan trainers

cheap jordans retro 6 The emergency pill is to be taken in an absolute emergency and should never be used as a regular form of contraception. cheap jordans retro 6

cheap jordans kid sizes If if your period is a week or more late, take the pregnancy test using first morning urine and follow the directions exactly as to the time limit in which to read the test. Waiting too long to read the test will result in a false negative. cheap jordans kid sizes

Originally Posted by J_9

cheap authentic jordans websites There was no insertion so there was no unprotected sex, physiologically speaking. With that said, if there were fluids that close to the vaginal opening, pregnancy is a possibility. cheap authentic jordans websites

The emergency pill is to be taken in an absolute emergency and should never be used as a regular form of contraception.

cheap jordans 40 dollars If if your period is a week or more late, take cheap Air max shoes the pregnancy test using first morning urine and follow the directions exactly as to the time limit in which to read the test. Waiting too long to read the test will result in a false negative. cheap jordans 40 dollars

cheap nike jordan shoes But it was both done in the safe period zone cheap jordans online still pregnancy may take place? cheap nike jordan shoes

cheap jordans foot locker If you happen to ovulate earlier than the norm, sex right after a period ends can lead to pregnancy. The sex a couple of days before a period is due may be a less likely time for pregnancy to occur, but not entirely impossible. cheap jordans foot locker

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cheap jordans size 13 Using the calendar, along with learning ways to predict ovulation, can lessen the chances of an unplanned pregnancy. Certainly using an appropriate form of birth control consistently will further to lower the chance. cheap jordans size 13

cheap jordans for sale Taking the emergency birth control pills can alter your cycle, so maybe give it until your next period is due and test again if needed. Another option, which may give you some peace of mind, is to test once a week until you either have another period or cheap jordans sale possibly get a positive result. cheap jordans for sale

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All you cheap adidas have to do is transport the sperm to the vaginal opening and if ONE cheap jordans free shipping of them managed to make it the rest of the way and fertilize the egg. you will be a parent.

cheap jordans manufacturer china Just for reference there are MILLIONS each time. cheap jordans manufacturer china

cheap air jordans china Even on birth control it is possible to get pregnant. Sure its less likely but its still possible. Otherwise you are going to find yourself having a baby real soon. cheap air jordans china

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If you happen to ovulate earlier than the norm, sex right after a period ends can lead to pregnancy. The sex a couple of cheap air jordan days before a period is due may be a less likely time for pregnancy to occur, but not entirely impossible.

This is because while you may usually ovulate at a fairly consistent time in each cycle, it is possible to have an occasional off cycle where ovulation occurs outside what may be normal for you.

Using the calendar, along with learning ways to predict ovulation, can lessen the chances of an cheap jordans shoes unplanned pregnancy. Certainly using an appropriate form of birth control consistently will further to cheap jordans in china lower the chance.

Number two, employ any tactics necessary to buy yourself an


28 Июл 2014

Q: What do you know. 4, 2017″ > >From property transfers to tree removals, River Grove board OKs fee changesRiver Grove trustees last month put a new fee schedule in place, changing costs for services ranging from property transfers to tree removals. At the Nov.

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In the event that you are faced with a physical encounter, there’s no substitute for knowing exactly what to do. Number one, always remember that no purse or wallet is worth your life, no matter what its contents. Number two, employ any tactics necessary to buy yourself an escape route.

iphone 7 case Emits more carbon dioxide than any other nation except China. Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Will not look good, said Glen Peters, a Norwegian climate scientist who is part of the Global Carbon Project that ranks worldwide emissions. iphone 7 case

iphone 6 plus case Maddux, the most significant and seasoned coaching hire by the Cardinals since 1995, when they added Dave Duncan as pitching coach, was hired to lead the pitching staff in what the front office has called a «more modern» direction. That probably means giving Maddux a large role in manager Mike Matheny’s pitching decisions and strategies. Maddux has been a pitching coach long enough to have calculated by hand the statistics now at his fingertips, and as a result he brings an approach that he called a «blend of some old school, some new school, and some things we still have to find out there.». iphone 6 plus case

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iphone 6 plus case ‘A’ has to prove that the collision that happened between the two cars was caused due to ‘B’s negligence, and he suffered loss due to the collision. In his counterclaim, ‘B’ has to prove that the collision occurred due to ‘A’s negligence, and he suffered loss due to the collision. So, the issues are different for ‘A’ and ‘B’. iphone 6 plus case

iphone 7 plus case In the first part of the study, which looked at a group of more than 50 college students iPhone Cases sale, participants were asked to complete different motor tasks with the study leader cell phone visible. In the second, participants completed motor tasks with their own cell phones visible. Performance on complex tasks suffered in both conditions when compared to control groups with no visible cell phone.. iphone 7 plus case

iPhone x case No posts about bugs in beta software. So much as how databases work. Eventually any operations you do on a database will make indexes. We wanted to make sure it was an easy to use product that consumers could simply buy, connect and enjoy. Accessibility to a product like this one is key in a market where close to 50% of homes lack access to Internet. This number is below the world average and far behind the accessibility in developed countries (80.4%)[1].. iPhone x case

iphone x cases For example, as residential long distance calling rates have fallen below 10 cents a minute, the big long distance carriers have in some cases raised their calling card rates.»It said no hidden charges from other phone companies so I thought that meant no hidden charges from other phone companies,» Ms. Oseroff, 56, said in an interview, recalling her Verizon episode. »I get mad when something is morally and ethically not right and this is not right. iphone x cases

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With barely 600 residents, Llanwrtyd Wells claims to be the


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Story, my man was raised in a bullfighting country and with no animals in the home. He went back home and his father had a bullfight on the TV in the background. Suddenly my SO couldn bear it watching the bull suffer and die. 2. COMMUNICATION: For any meaningful relationship, communication involves a strong desire and determination on both sides to understand and be understood. Many imagine or just take it for granted that their feelings Cheap Moncler Jackets are automatically understood.

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Ocorre que este no violado por aquele


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8% increase in revenue, reflecting the impact of higher volumes


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Degree in Finance from Arizona State University and has completed postgraduate courses with the London School of Economics, City of London University Banking and the University of Southern California London Graduate School Program. Ms. Harrison was selected to serve as a director because of her financial services, investment management and real estate experience, all of which are expected to bring valuable insight to our board of directors..

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Rosebrough said the winner had not stepped forward as of


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I probably would re directed canada goose parka outlet my


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I park behind them and trap them in. Came out once to a douchebag bro and his GF in his lifted Jeep just staring in disbelief. They saw me and said something like can you believe this? I asked if he had any idea why those spots had numbers painted on them and then went back inside for about 15 more mins just to let him sweat it.Marbles range in size by a little bit, but based on the info I found, I assuming a diameter of.625″.

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The Girl Who Never Was (Eighth Doctor Charley) 105


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Beggars can be choosers. I fine with having some exciting playoff series for the next 5 years before we reset once the Drummond+Griffin contracts are through.And it is worth mentioning that hitting reset and tanking again is a lot easier said than done. There are some really bad teams right now and it would be really tough to become worse than them.

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Many canada goose jacket outlet uk of them I have met through


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On paper, it seems like a good idea (bear with us). As Csiro scientists have pointed out, people simply aren eating enough vegetables. And although they were talking about Australia, it a problem in the UK, too. Next time when you are thinking of taking the kids to the most memorable vacation, think of the brand new resorts no one has yet experienced and just be the first to share this experience with your family while staying on Disney property. There’s something to do for everyone, you’ll be able to keep kids and teenagers entertained with the availability of game rooms, bowling alleys, lazy rivers, poolside games and activities. This vacation could be budgeted if planned correctly.

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That means customers buying a roast dinner on a Sunday would


22 Июл 2014

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I do very little exercise because I work fulltime and spend 8


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a night with bob brookmeyer at the village vanguard

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I Miss Him With All My Heart


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Do lots of shopping on your first trip. Everything is cheap. There is nothing you will buy that you will regret later. Fortunately both 35 year old Simpson and 41 year old Lachey have moved on both in terms of romance and their careers. Simpson is now a successful designer whose business is worth $1 billion. She is married to retired NFL tight end, Eric Johnson, in 2014 and they have two children together..

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andy murray seals davis cup win for great britain

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There’s a remarkable diversity of landscape in the Petit canada goose outlet mall Camargue, also influenced by the hands of humans. Besides the medieval monks canada goose outlet store quebec and Saint Louis himself, the Camargue has been shaped by cowboys called «gardians,» who raise Camarguaise bulls canada goose outlet winnipeg address in the marshlands. Many of these animals roam free, herded by dapper gardians atop white horses..

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And the fact that it does so in an entertaining way—so much


10 Июл 2014

The Art of The Deal

facebook dialogPinterestIn June 2010, after he’d secretly married his longtime associate Michaela Neumeister in London, Simon de Pury, the chairman of Phillips de Pury & Company auction house, wanted to mark the occasion with friends. But being de Pury, an auctioneer who’s equal parts showman, performer, and connoisseur, he felt that the celebration called for something that might guarantee their 600 purse replica handbags guests—the jaded jetset of the art world—a priceless experience.A hip-hop aficionado who moonlights as a DJ, the 60-year-old ­de Pury knows how to get a party started: He commissioned food artist Jennifer Rubell, daughter of Miami megacollectors Don and Mera ­Rubell, to stage an installation at London’s Saatchi Gallery. When the guests arrived, de Pury and Neumeister were on display in separate glass-fronted cubicles, getting ready for the evening. De Pury shaved and had his hair cut before shattering his doorway—with a hammer, of course—and then retrieved his bride by breaking hers. Soon everyone was invited to toast them, toss their champagne glasses off a balcony, and eat from the his and hers spreads arrayed alongside each of their dressing rooms. Sausages hung from the ceiling over a plinth stocked with beer near de Pury’s; 2,000 oysters and bottles of champagne were laid out next to ­Neumeister’s. The de Pury Diptych was rife with none too subtle symbolism.Downstairs, the assigned dinner tables were actually 69 unmade beds— a nod to Tracey Emin’s signature work—heaped with silver platters of crayfish, whole hams, roasted chickens, and piles of quiches. “People were hopping from bed to bed,” said de Pury, recalling how his friends—among them, Emin, photographer Mario Testino, and Charles Saatchi—had to tear into the feast with only their hands and knives. “People didn’t know what to do until they realized they had to participate.” Dessert arrived on yet another floor, below, in the form of 100 wedding cakes made by 100 different London bakeries, presented on individual stands, “so the room looked like a Wayne Thiebaud Replica Handbags painting,” he said. “And replica handbags online then I DJ’d a bit for people to dance. It was really an art performance.”To the Swiss-born de Pury, all the art world’s a stage. “He’s the Jeffrey Deitch of the auction world, always seeking the most theatrical, the most spectacular performance or artwork, irrespective of its quality,” said collector Adam Lindemann, author of the 2006 book Collecting Contemporary, who met his wife, the dealer Amalia Dayan, while she Fake Designer Bags was working at Phillips. “Simon needs a happening; he’s addicted to the adrenaline. He’s got a tremendous career, but he’s also obsessed with the newest thing. Most times after a long tenure in the art world, you become jaded. But Simon is willing to do anything. He’s a man on a mission.”facebook dialogPinterestFrom left: Jerry Saltz, de Pury, China Chow, and Bill Powers, judges and mentors on Bravo’s Work of Art.Among his latest roles is that of mentor to aspiring artists on Bravo’s Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, which just returned for a second season after drawing 1.4 million weekly viewers last year. His stint on the show has raised eyebrows, of course, and not just those of his colleagues, many wholesale replica designer handbags of whom claim never to have seen it—“On a reality show is exactly where he belongs,” sniffed one prominent Berlin dealer—but also those of his costars. Fellow judge Jerry Saltz, New York magazine’s art critic, called the choice of him as mentor “misguided,” and added, “I love the guy, but the head of a swanky auction house—which is about making money—shouldn’t advise young artists about anything, ever.”The criticism doesn’t faze the ever camera-ready de Pury, who enjoys nothing more than upending expectations. “I didn’t have any reservations,” he noted, admitting that he watched only last season’s first and final episodes but helped cast the artist-contestants for the new season. “I always felt there was a misconception that art was elitist, and I like the fact that it shows you precisely what it is to create a work of art and to judge one. And the fact that it does so in an entertaining way—so much the better.”He’s been called the Mick Jagger of auctioneers for the sizzle he brings to the salesroom, but on first meeting, de Pury more readily ­suggests a fusty aristocrat. He favors French cuffs and tailored double-breasted suits with gold buttons, wears his side-swept hair behind his ears, and speaks with a Mittel-European accent and in replica handbags china four languages; in this casual age, his manners seem a holdover from a lost era. Meeting a woman for the first time, he’s likely to kiss her hand. And at an August benefit in the Hamptons for Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, he refused to take off his jacket while dancing wildly, even though he was dripping with sweat.“There’s this tremendous Swiss restraint Replica bags combined with a hint of old-world decadence,” said Lindemann. “He’s culturally at home in many places, and not KnockOff Handbags just in Europe or America or Asia,” said the art publisher and collector Benedikt Taschen, a friend for over 20 years and de Pury’s soon-to-be singing partner in a concert they’re cooking up for their pals. “He’s never made any distinctions between so-called high and low.” He once organized a hip-hop jewelry auction to lure younger collectors, and you’ll find him on YouTube in a Euro-pop rendition of “If I Had a ­Hammer,” featuring de Pury at the rostrum and actors bopping to the beat while pumping their fists in the air. This past March, he appeared on The Colbert Report, proclaiming his Replica Designer Handbags love for the music of “Snoopy Dogg”­—as he inadvertently called the rapper—and busting some moves with the host before selling a self-portrait of Stephen ­Colbert, amended by Frank Stella, Shepard Fairey, and Andres Serrano, in an auction at Phillips. (Colbert himself hammered the work at $26,000.)facebook dialogPinterestfacebook dialogPinterestTop: Mario Testino, Kate Moss, and Simon de Pury at the opening of the exhibit Mario Testino Kate Who?, at Phillips de Pury & Company in London. Below: de Pury, DJ’ing at the 10th-anniversary party for RxArt.Not surprisingly, de Pury has created a rambunctious pop mood at Phillips, the underdog auction house regularly characterized as “struggling” by the art press, as its manpower, sales, and reach are considerably smaller than those of behemoths Sotheby’s and Christie’s. But Phillips is also Fake Handbags seen as a bold—some say flashy—innovator, especially since the Russian luxury-retail giant Mercury Group bought the controlling stake in the company three years ago. Mercury is run by Leonid Strunin and Wholesale Replica Bags his partner, CEO Leonid Friedland, whom Suzy Menkes, the fashion critic for the International Herald Tribune, once dubbed “one of the most powerful men in fashion.” (The group owns the TSUM department store in Moscow, the Barvikha Luxury Village in a Moscow suburb, and sells brands ranging from Gucci to Maserati—all of which has helped Phillips establish a firm foothold in the Russian contemporary art market.) Spurred by the infusion of new cash, Phillips has introduced cocktails and club music into its auction previews, marketed design to contemporary art collectors, and held themed auctions like BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) as a way to capitalize on emerging markets.The house has also drawn the ire of a number of gallery owners for bringing works by young artists to the auction block. Last fall, 27-year-old painter Jacob Kassay Designer Replica Bags made headlines after Phillips sold one of his ­canvases, first completed and shown in 2009, for $86,500, more than 10 times its high estimate. Fierce bidding for another Kassay painting during Phillips’s evening sale this past May, just six months later, brought a price of $290,500. (His work sells for $20,000 to $40,000 on the primary market, though there’s a waiting list; at auction, if they’re willing to pay top dollar, bidders can jump the line.) Tapping artists for the secondary ­market early in their careers (what de Pury called “buying tomorrow’s blue-chip artists today”) has made him unpopular with several dealers, who see the practice as ­potentially damaging to the long-term development of ­talent. De Pury, however—while acknowledging the gallery’s role in nurturing artists and placing their work in the right hands—insisted that “those galleries that try to control it…well, that’s ultimately completely counterproductive, because you also need works of an artist to come regularly onto the market for the confidence level to develop. A work’s standing in the auction market is the most concrete marker of its value.”Which isn’t to say that a work’s standing doesn’t benefit from a little presale razzle-dazzle. Last November, in a first for the auction world, Phillips invited an outside expert—the well-known dealer Philippe ­Ségalot—to guest-curate an evening contemporary sale. The so-called Carte Blanche initiative kicked off the opening of Phillips’s uptown salesroom at Park Avenue and 57th Street (Phillips also runs a space in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District) and featured Maurizio Cattelan’s lifelike bust of Stephanie Seymour, its hair styled for the auction by Frédéric ­Fekkai. At Phillips’s evening sale in New York this past May, it was Liz Taylor’s turn in the spotlight: When de Pury brought the hammer down on Warhol’s 1963 Liz #5 (Early Colored Liz), its price was $27 million, in line with its estimate.“It’s a high-wire act,” de Pury told me the morning after the sale, which overall had drawn tepid bidding but totaled a respectable $94.8 million. “I still get nervous before each one.” We were having breakfast at the Pierre, one of the many hotels that for years served as de Pury’s home prior to his recent marriage. Though known for a high-octane sales style peppered with humor, de Pury conceded that he Replica Bags Wholesale spends the hours before an auction in solitude, away from the gallery, carefully studying both the salesroom seating chart and each work in the catalog so as to focus “on who the likely contenders might be,” he said. “By the time you get to the podium, you have a pretty good reading of how it might go. But, of course, if you knew, you wouldn’t need the auction.” The most important works, he said, are placed early in the sale but never back-to-back, “because people are still talking about the big one that was just sold and not fully concentrated. So you have to have your high points and slower points and create a rhythm.”The best auctioneers, said Taschen, “are like racehorses. They have to build up to the moment and play with ease, so that it looks like it all comes together naturally. But it doesn’t.” Asked to characterize his approach, de Pury mentioned legendary Sotheby’s auctioneer Peter Wilson, whose style, he said, was “the exact opposite” of his own. “He was incredibly quiet, speaking with a soft voice, so it was like he was allowing you to take part in something very exclusive.”Growing up in Basel the youngest son of a Swiss pharmaceutical executive and his wife, who practiced ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), de Pury had hoped to become an artist. But after a trip to New York to show his portfolio to the galleries with the biggest ads in The New York Times—Knoedler and Leo Castelli—he lost heart, he said, when they promptly turned him down. (This past January, though, an exhibition of his photographs—a series of abstract images snapped on his travels—opened at the chic Paris boutique Colette.) He worked at Sotheby’s early in his career but made his name in the Eighties as curator for Baron ­Heinrich “Heini” Thyssen-Bornemisza, who, as the biggest buyer of the day “had first crack at Designer Fake Bags anything that was available,” de Pury recalled. At ­Thyssen’s Villa Favorita in Lugano, Switzerland, de Pury not only developed his formidable network but also negotiated the first pre-Glasnost loan of works to the West from the Pushkin and Hermitage museums when they swapped—picture for picture—40 paintings for Thyssen’s collection in 1983. Returning to Sotheby’s in 1986, de Pury went on to ­become its chairman in Europe before setting up his own successful dealership with Daniella Luxembourg. In 2000, the two agreed to a merger with Phillips, then owned by Bernard Arnault’s LVMH. cheap replica handbags The relationship, however, didn’t flourish; de Pury ultimately took a majority share when Luxembourg returned to private dealing.facebook dialogPinterestDe Pury, holding daughter Diane Delphine, and wife Michaela at a private viewing of Linda McCartney’s Life in Photographs.His romance with Neumeister, his second wife, came as a surprise to both of them. They’d been working together closely for eight years, “and I’d matched him up with girlfriends,” she said, when one day in Moscow, he recalled, “I suddenly looked at her with totally different eyes. Then we thought we’d be very adult about it as if nothing happened. And then every time I saw Michaela, it would start again, until I realized that the person I loved had been in front of me all this time.”“I was afraid, but I married him because I thought even if it’s for 10 days, it’s worth it,” said Michaela, 41, a tall, angular blonde from a Munich auctioneering family who holds a doctorate in art history. Her wedding present to her husband was the artist duo Elmgreen and Dragset’s Second Marriage (2008), two sinks with their pipes tied. Until the de Purys announced their marriage via e-mail, not even their personal assistants knew about the relationship. “The last thing I ever thought I’d do is marry again,” said de Pury, whose love life was the talk of the art world in 2003 after he installed as CEO—and later was believed to have forced out—his then-girlfriend, millionaire publisher Louise MacBain. “And then starting a family again,” added de Pury, who has four grown children. “It’s a wonderful time.”Along with their 10-month-old daughter, Diane Delphine—to whom her mother speaks in German and her father in French—the couple now live in London’s Mayfair, where their upstairs neighbors include Rupert and Wendi Murdoch. But the de Purys are rarely home for long, and though they aaa replica designer handbags plan to fill their apartment with “a completely funky mix,” said Michaela—­ranging from a Gothic Madonna and a Franz West table to “a lot of cutting-edge art”—“everything is pretty much in bubble wrap on the floor.” (De Pury’s skateboard collection is relegated to his London office.) As have many of their friends, Alexander Gilkes, a young Phillips auctioneer groomed by de Pury, called them “a formidable force,” and added: “It’s 24-hour art with them. Simon’s the perfect door opener, and ­Michaela’s the perfect door closer.”“It’s a kind of traveling circus, and we pitch a tent where we can,” de Pury told me in June, when we met in Zurich en route to the home of Maja Hoffmann, the Swiss über collector whose annual kickoff party for Art ­Basel is a much coveted invitation. De Pury was to officiate at the night’s charity auction to benefit Zurich’s Kunsthalle. He and Michaela had just arrived from Berlin via billionaire Nicolas Berggruen’s plane, and the next morning would fly to Windsor Castle in time to see a friend installed as a Knight of the Garter by the Queen and assorted Royals, among them Kate Middleton, the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge. As they replica Purse led me through Hoffmann’s glass-encased home, a Marcel Breuer gem, and across its sprawling lakeside lawn, some high quality replica handbags of it tented for dinner, they worked the high-wattage crowd, unable to move two paces without bumping into the likes of Larry Gagosian, John Baldessari, Elizabeth Peyton, Jay Jopling, and the recently reconciled Peter Brant and Stephanie Seymour.Before the night was over, de Pury had whipped the art tribe into giddiness as he prodded the guests to give it up for the lots on offer: a sketch of any house by Rem Koolhaas, a visit with Andreas Gursky in his studio, a family album deconstructed and transformed by Baldessari. “We’re up to zirty thousand—you can bid against yourself!” de Pury joked at one point before bringing the hammer down on the winning buyer’s dinner plate.Two days later he was among the influential players previewing Art Basel, the king of art fairs, hoping to get a jump on the action. Three hundred galleries were showing work by some 2,500 artists, an ­estimated $1.75 billion worth of art. “I’m the extended eyes of the collectors,” de Pury told me as we passed Naomi Campbell and Eli Broad, explaining that he sends JPEGs to prized collectors who prefer to stay home. Already, his mind was on Phillips’s first sale in Hong Kong, planned for 2012, the new buyers emerging from Asia, the Eastern Bloc, and Brazil, and on the growing inclination of the rich to look at art as a safe investment, not just a pleasure. Then, of Handbags Replica course, there was art to see: He ­suggested that I check out the new silver paintings by Kassay and directed my attention to neobaroque busts by Barry X Ball, a 1996 black and white painting by Christopher Wool, and Wade Guyton’s 2011 ­Untitled, all the while texting furiously and greeting colleagues in many languages. “For some collectors, it’s when a work is new that it hits their radar,” he explained. “For others, when it Replica Bags hits one million.” I began to ask about his goals, but he held up his hand. “I never think in terms of goals,” he said. “You just have to be attuned to what’s being offered, to which artists are emerging. It’s the same with music: You have to follow it all. You can’t stop.”Testino, Moss, and de Pury: Retna LTD.; wedding: Kevin Tachman; ee Pury at RXArt Party: Billy Farrell Agency; Work of Art: courtesy of Bravo. De pury with wife and daughter: Getty Images.

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